Keeping It Reel

North Long Lake

Given North Long’s large size, annual walleye stocking, and proximity to the city of Brainerd, it is no surprise that it is a popular destination for walleye fishermen. Although walleye numbers appear to have dropped (4.5/net) since our last survey in 2009, they were still average for this type of lake. Average length was 15.6″ and 68% of the fish were 12″ or larger. Another popular fish on North Long is largemouth bass. Numbers looked healthy, with an electrofishing catch rate of 99.0/hr run-time. Size was decent as well, with 66% measuring 12″ or larger. Northern pike numbers were high for this type of lake (13.3/net). Average size was 20.6″ and 17% of the fish were 24″ or larger. Panfish number looked good, but size was lacking. Black crappie numbers were high for this type of lake, but average length was only between 6.8″ and 7.3″. Only 15% were 8″ or larger. Bluegill numbers were average for this type of lake (23.4/net), but still the lowest to date on North Long. While a few bluegills up to 9.4″ were caught, the average length was only 5.5″ and 16% of the fish were 7″ or larger.